About Us

Ianvs - latin form for Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings, who is usually depicted with two faces. One looking to the past and the other looking to the future.

This fits with our own ethos: 

We rescue items from the past,
care for them in the present,
ensuring they have a future.

Over the years we have amassed an interesting assortment of items from a variety of sources, starting with a few objects for decorative purposes and then progressing onto items that evoked memories of our childhood, our parents' and grandparents' lives.

                         All our stock is genuinely vintage, pre-1992.

Having sold at fairs, to a museum and internationally, we know the importance of customer service and peace of mind for the customer.  We have had disappointing experiences in the past buying games or jigsaws that had missing components, so it's important to us, to provide an honest and transparent service to you. Everything is fully described to the best of our knowledge, even if this includes negative points. The price stated for each item we feel is a fair one, reflecting costs involved in purchasing, cleaning, replacing parts, fully checking and administration. 

Some special items have their own story to tell and for these we have resisted the temptation to alter them in anyway so they can continue to tell their story. 

We hope to add more items on a regular basis so please check us out to avoid the disappointment of missing out on an interesting, genuine vintage gift for that person who really matters.  Are you a vintage collector, an historical re-enactor, looking for theatre props or that decorative piece for interior design? If so, please browse, we have items for all ages, tastes and pockets.